The QuickLoad PistoLoader PL003 is a fast and simple way to load ANY semi-auto detachable magazine.  You have seen claims of other speedloaders being "universal" and have found that they are not.  THIS ONE IS UNIVERSAL! 

The PL003 will load everything from 22 LR to 50 AE and everything in between.

The PL003 loads all types of cartridges: rimmed, rimless, and rebated.

The PL003 will load single-stack, double-stack, drum, standard-length, and extended-length magazines.


The PL003 is:

Simple, compact, and easy to use,

Ambidextrous: load your mags with either hand,

Rugged, durable, and made from quality materials,

Designed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA,

Small enough to keep on your keyring, in your pocket, in your pistol case, and in your range bag.


To Use the PL003:

1.  Use the hook and loop strap to attach the Thumb Plate to your preferred thumb (it works equally well with either thumb) and the strap will comfortably fit from the smallest to the largest thumb:  Crook your thumb and place the rounded-end of the Thumb Plate at the joint while tightening the strap only enough to prevent rotation.  The Spike should be pointing toward your pinkie finger.

2.  With that same hand place your index finger up at the feedlips of the magazine and wrap your fingers around the magazine front wall to gently hold the magazine in your palm.

3.  With your other hand grasp the next round, by the bullet end, between your thumb and forefinger.

4. Using speedloader Spike, depress the magazine follower or last round far enough to allow the next round to engage under the forward edge of the magazine feedlips.  Keep the Thumb Plate parallel to the follower or last round.

5. Using the next round, push the speedloader Spike between the feedlips and toward the magazine back wall.

6. Retract the Spike when it reaches the magazine back wall and continue pushing the next round to fully seat the next cartridge at the magazine back wall.

7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until the magazine is fully loaded.

TIP: the front or side edge of the speedloader Thumb Plate can be used to UNLOAD the magazine.

For variety, the PL003 speedloader is available with different graphics : Plain edition (P/N PL003-600-0), American Flag edition (P/N PL003-600-1), and QuickLoad Icon edition (P/N PL003-600-2). 

As with all QuickLoad products, it is MADE IN THE USA.

Limited One-Year warranty.

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Jim Ott on 7th Dec 2020

This item worked well with my arthritic hands. It seems a little pricey .